Aliens and UFO Sightings 2016: Mysterious Flying Objects Spotted in North Wales, Lake Ontario

Aliens and UFO Sightings 2016: Mysterious Flying Objects Spotted in North Wales, Lake Ontario
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UFO sightings could be rare but many claimed to have witnessed bizarre spaceship-like objects floating at a distance and then disappearing without a trace within moments.


A similar video of a mysterious disc-shaped object hovering over a medieval fortress in North Wales was captured on camera by Owain Powell last September and posted to the “UFO Alien Sightings” channel on YouTube. The video grabbed the attention of the UFO hunters and flared up debates between the believers and the non-believers.

The camera first captured the object at a distance and then zoomed in on it, but the object began to descend slowly and disappeared behind a turret.

On most occasions UFOs turned out to be some kind of natural phenomenon or a man made one, which are difficult to decipher from a distance. In 2010, there were claims that a large, 200-foot wide triangular object was spotted hovering near Bangor, but there was no photographic evidence of the sighting.

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According to witnesses, the object gave off lights and made a sound like a land mower before disappearing into the thin air, the Mirror reported. Some of the most common explanations for such UFO sightings are meteorites, balloons, Chinese lanterns, flares, weather phenomenon or earthly lights reflecting in the skies. Many were even dismissed as mere hoaxes.

Meanwhile, Daniel Koostachin of Oshawa in Ontario claimed he spotted a UFO floating over Lake Ontario on June 22 around 9:30 a.m. He said he suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling, like entering a haunted house, when he arrived at the gates of the Oshawa harbor.

“I felt very uncomfortable all of a sudden,” the quoted the Newmarket resident as saying. “It felt like someone was watching me.” He added that on checking his surroundings he suddenly spotted the object hovering over Lake Ontario. He managed to take a couple of images of the object with his phone before it vanished.

“After I saw it, I couldn’t sleep for two days. I had mixed feelings inside me,” he said. “I felt dreadful.”

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