Alien Sightings 2016: Elongated Skull Found on Mars? Conspiracy Theorist Says It Could Be From Large-Headed Visitors

Alien Sightings 2016: Elongated Skull Found on Mars? Conspiracy Theorist Says It Could Be From Large-Headed Visitors
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Conspiracy theorist recently claimed they found a strange object on the Martian surface. While it remains a mystery, researchers believe that Aliens not only exist but can also hear us. Although there are no concrete proof to support their claims, research on Alien life still continues.


According to a Cornell University student Evan Solomonides, space is a big place and it is possible that Aliens can listen to us. Aliens could decode the light waves into sounds and then resolve 3,000 human languages to interpret the message, Fox noted.

Since this is still subject to debate, some conspiracy theorists have even stated that aliens were present on Earth thousands of years ago. One proof are the elongated skulls found in Egypt and Peru, which were also reportedly found on Mars.

Paranormal Crucible, a YouTube channel had released a short film based on NASA findings. The film “Alien Egyptian Skull Found on Mars” showed several images, which were taken by the American space agency Express reported.

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Conspiracy theorists have stated that the Aliens were revered as gods or leaders during the ancient times. To imitate them, humans on Earth elongated their skulls. They came to this belief based on several findings of deformed elongated skulls in ancient civilizations across the globe.

While some theorists deny claims of the Alien’s existence on Earth, arguing that the long elongated skulls are of Ancient Egyptian people, and several ancient cultures allowed the people to extend their skull by binding Infant’s head with pieces of wood.

It is a widespread belief that the extraterrestrials have not only visited our planet thousands of years ago, they also taught our ancestors how to build ancient monuments, Daily Express noted. Researchers claimed that the ancient monuments such as the Egyptian Pyramids and UK’s Stonehenge were built with the help of Aliens.

Do you believe Aliens exist and interacted with our ancestors before?

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