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Alien News 2016: Japanese May Be Direct Descendants of Ancient Martians

Alien News 2016: Japanese May Be Direct Descendants of Ancient Martians
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Alien News 2016: Japanese May Be Direct Descendants of Ancient Martians

When it comes to alien news, Japan is not the first thing that comes to people’s minds, let alone makes the headlines. But a recent image grabbed from Google Earth could change all that and prove once and for all that extraterrestrials visited, and comingled with, ancient humans.

The image shows structures eerily similar to structures photographed on the Martina surface. Located at 36° 7’45.64″N 139°E, the structure appears to be a three-faced stone pyramid connected to a dome-like rock.

UFO Sightings Daily reported that the strange structures on Mars were photographed two years ago. Lying on an empty plain, its sides appear to have straight edges sloping to a circular formation at its base.

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They did not pique the interest of conspiracy theorists and alien news enthusiasts at the time up until the image of a similar formation in Japan. They are believed to have been constructed during the Kofun era which lasted from 250 to 538 AD.

Are the structures made by the same unknown group? And could they be the original inhabitants of the red planet before it became a desolate wasteland? If so, where are they now and are the Japanese people connected to them in some way?

Japan Will Be The Topic Of Future Alien News

Japanese creation myth tells of gods who appeared spontaneously and also did not possess a definite sex. These five appeared spontaneously and went into hiding after their emergence, were these how the early settlers of the islands describe a visit from extraterrestrials?

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Japan opened its door s to the world barely 200 years ago and even then, their way of life has been considered strange by many. They are one of the few if not the only country where nature worship is still flourishing.

Their deities within nature often make appearances time and time again to visiting holy places. Could these “gods” actually be extraterrestrials making contact with its chosen people?

Will future developments make Japan the spotlight for alien news? And what of the other origin stories throughout the world? Do they also contain a sliver of truth hidden behind the fantastic stories of epic struggles in the heavens?

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