‘Alien: Covenant’ Welcomes ‘Hateful Eight’ Actor

‘Alien: Covenant’ Welcomes ‘Hateful Eight’ Actor
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After the success of “Prometheus,” Sir Ridley Scott is returning to the Alien universe… and he’s tagging along a member of “The Hateful Eight.”


Sir Ridley Scott has been the brains behind the success of the “Alien” franchise. Quite recently, Scott has declared that he will add another installment to the franchise entitled “Alien: Covenant” which will be released on October 6, 2017.

According to Cinema Blend, the director is wrapping up the members of the film’s cast, and he has just signed an Oscar-nominee to the list. Fresh from the “The Hateful Eight,” Demian Bichir, a 52-year-old Mexican actor, recently committed himself to playing a part in the upcoming film.

The character Bichir will play in “Alien: Covenant” is still a mystery, but a source speculated that he might be one of the Covenant’s crew members. The movie will tell a story about a ship called “Covenant,” which, after ten years since “Prometheus,” is on the hunt to find another planet to conquer. When the ship and its crew members are able to find one, one of the survivors from “Prometheus,” David (Michael Fassbender), is the only inhabitant in the area.

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Other members of the cast include newcomers such as Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride, the former set to play a character named Daniels, one of the lead characters.

In other news, IGN reports that Scott also confirmed that Noomi Rapace, one of the lead characters in “Prometheus,” will not be around to play Elizabeth Shaw in “Alien: Covenant.”  However, Fassbender will reprise his role and is rumored to play two characters in the film.

Sir Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film would start filming late 2016. Catch “Alien: Covenant” in theaters this October 6, 2017.