Alex Eliminated From ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ After Home Visit

Alex Eliminated From ‘The Bachelorette Australia’ After Home Visit

Englishman Alex Cameron has been shown out the door in “The Bachelorette Australia.”


After the home visit yesterday, Sam decided that to let go of Alex as she does not know where their relationship stands. It may be the fact that she was grilled by his sister who made a surprise visit.

Alex was rather heartbroken when Sam sent him home. He said, “I’m not afraid to say I can see potential with her,” adding, “its gut wrenching to leave this way.” Alex was a sober man throughout the episodes but he was also the only guy who did not say he loved her. Alex mentioned in an interview, “My feelings are still really positive, she’s a lovely lass. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to continue my journey with her.”

This episode, Sam visited the homes of all four remaining contestants. It started with Michael’s. He took her to a soccer field where they had a match together. Sam won but Michael seemed to enjoyed a lot. David, Michael’s father, was quite smitten and candid. He said, “They say eyes are the windows to the soul, would you like to see the windows to the Southbank?”

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The date with Richie’s family was overwhelming, with Sam being given a warm welcome by his mother, sister and four friends. The only question for Sam at the end was that she may have to move to Perth, which she is not very sure about.

Family time with Sasha’s mom was also a grilling one with Sam being asked questions about family, grandchildren, commitment, and even about her breakup last year. However, Sam handled the questions really well and she made sure the session ends in her favor.

At the rose ceremony, she mentioned two guys who leaves her in doubt. She has not mentioned the other name yet but “The Bachelorette Australia” home visit may have an impact on the final outcome.