Alek Skarlatos And Emma Slater Heat Up ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Romance Rumors Continue

Alek Skarlatos And Emma Slater Heat Up ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Romance Rumors Continue
150917-Z-CD688-343 Frank Grass / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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It seems that romance is brewing on the set of “Dancing With The Stars.” The chemistry between Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater was quite evident during the last “Dancing with the Stars” episode. This was during the switch-up week when the stars hit up the dance floor. Now rumors are that the duo can well become a couple and continue their relationship in real life.


Emma Slater, 26m is quite hot, according to Skarlatos, who has mentioned such in a video behind the scenes. He said that he even had problems rehashing because his partner was too hot. However, when asked if he has a crush on her in real life, Alek was not ready to comment.

Slater was open about her stand, though. She said, “I had the best time!” after the performance. She also mentioned, “From the start, I was like, ‘I love this guy, he’s great,'” adding, “I wanted to get him.”

“I kind of knew it would be like that and now I want to watch it back,” Slater said after the performance, adding, “From the first day of rehearsal, we were really comfortable with each other. Some people just have that energy that you can have a laugh with straight away and just do normal stuff with.”

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Alek also acknowledged the fact that they were comfortable all throughout. He also mentioned, “I am really lucky with the partner I got for Switch-Up Week. I think it’s the most fun week I’ve had on the show yet.”

We can really see their comfort level on the dance floor. Whether or not they get more comfortable in real life will be surely a lookout for fans. Till the story of Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater cooks up, keep your eyes peeled on “Dancing With The Stars” season 21.