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Alec Baldwin Is Little Donald Trump: ‘Boss Baby’ Video Out!

Alec Baldwin Is Little Donald Trump: ‘Boss Baby’ Video Out!
THE BOSS BABY | Teaser Trailer DreamWorksTV / YouTube

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Alec Baldwin Is Little Donald Trump: ‘Boss Baby’ Video Out!

If you ever wondered what Donald Trump might have been like as a kid, you just need to check out the trailer of “Boss Baby”.

Alec Baldwin has done it again and this time, it’s just his voice that is doing all the magic. In an animated movie called “Boss Baby”, Baldwin plays a golden-haired toddler who wears a business suit and carries a briefcase!

The plot of the hilarious movie revolves around the Templetons, initially consisting of a dad, mom, and their tween son, Tim, living a wholesome and peaceful life together.

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But everything goes haywire when Tim’s parents bring home his new younger brother. Tim takes a dislike the moment he is introduced to him and his perception just keeps getting worse.

His parents no longer have time to focus on Tim anymore, as his new brother is quite a handful, throwing tantrums, screaming frequently and smacking away their hands every time they try to feed him milk, for some strange reason.

But Tim finally learns the truth that the chubby, red-faced infant is not really a baby but a grown man behaving like a baby.

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This reminds one of an eerily similar theory propagated by a video put together by a Facebook page called ATTN, which basically tried to prove that Donald Trump was nothing but a spoiled and insecure child trapped in a man’s body.

The fact that Alec Baldwin gives voice to the Boss Baby just makes it even more perfect, given that he was the one who played Trump in the parody of the 2nd Presidential Debate on SNL.

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The movie is based on Marla Frazee’s 2010 award-winning picture book called “The Boss Baby”.

“Kids, when they get a baby brother, either flip out or totally embrace it. If you watch YouTube, mostly they flip out,” Director Tom McGrath explained to USA Today. “They fear all the love for them will be taken away. We hung our hat around that idea.”

Check out the “Boss Baby” trailer below, which has already gone viral on YouTube:

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