#ALDUBBetterHalf: How Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza Met Five Years Ago

#ALDUBBetterHalf: How Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza Met Five Years Ago
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The hashtag #ALDUBBetterHalf has been trending since Monday, and it’s not because Maine Mendoza, also known as Yaya Dub, and Alden Richards are getting married. As usual, the couple made the crowd shiver in sweetness when Alden introduced Maine during the premiere of “My Bebe Love” as his “better half.”


Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s tandem called #AlDub has another trending hashtag that dominated Twitter posts since Monday, reported GMA Network. The hashtag #AlDubBetterHalf was in relation to how Alden allegedly introduced his love team partner, Yaya Dub, during the premiere of their movie “My Bebe Love.” Alden was asked to introduce his partner during the said event and he announced, “Ito na ang aking better half – Maine.” In English, he meant, “Here comes my better half, Maine.” As usual, the crowd went wild as the tandem, yet again, didn’t fail to sprinkle romance everywhere they go.

Although “Kalye Serye” featured the couple as strangers to each other and only met personally during the unforgettable “eye ball” special of “Kalye Serye,” a controversial photo had been circulating showing Alden and Maine together in a photo five years ago. Was the first meet-up a hoax? Did the on-cam lovers already know each other beforehand?

When asked about this incident, Maine admitted that, indeed, she was the woman in the photo with Alden. However, she did indicate that she had no personal knowledge as to who Alden was during that time and that such photo was taken during an event called Candy Fair way back in 2010. According to her, she attended the said event to have an opportunity to have a photo-op with one of her celebrity crushes, who she refused to indicate during the show “24 Oras” on GMA Network. Furthermore, she claimed that her celebrity crush was not present during such time so she decided to have a photo-op with Richard Faulkerson, Jr. (Alden Richards) who attended the event as one of the Candy cuties. She also clarified that she had no personal knowledge about Alden then.

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Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have dominated Twitter and the rest of social media as the most tweeted hashtag topic to date. The two are personalities in a hit variety show called “Eat Bulaga” with a segment entitled “Kalye Serye.” Since then, the people of the Philippines watche GMA Network to witness the #Aldub Tandem. Because of the number of viewers fond with their TV love story, the hashtag #AlDub even reached international headlines.


  • Surreal Beetch

    Awww, let’s just see how Beauty and the Bestie ruffles dust to My Bebe Love. Jose Javier Reyes is a certified flop director while Vice Ganda is a consistent MMFF money charm. So-called Aldub Nation are only good in tweeting. It’s all about the box office take and Star Cinema is best at it.

    • Jujube Matsumoto

      And yet issues of ticket swapping abound that SM has to issue an apology about it. I agree that Star Cinema is the best in creating box office movies. Also, a lot of Vic Sotto’s MMFF entries are nothing but hour-long advertisements with seemingly little care for plot and character dev’t. However, neither of those justify boosting ticket sales of other films through underhanded methods (assuming the ticket-swapping incidents were done to purposely destroy Bebe Love’s possible chance at topping first day ticket sales).

    • Diana Prince

      Well let’s see. ALDUB just broke Philippines’ record of biggest opening day with over 60 million. You got anything to say now? Star Cinema my ASS. You and EBS are so full of yourselves. Dream on bitches…

    • Diana Prince

      By the way, you said ALDUB Nation is only good in tweeting? LMAO! Let me see, um Miss Universe Philippines asked for Aldub Nation’s help in online voting, and SHE WON. Many advertisers are asking ALDUB to endorse them because their sales skyrocket (in case of McDonald’s their sales increased by over 400%). Some politicians are even asking for ALDUB to endorse them but ALDUB is smart enough not to endorse politicians. And Philippines economy is boosted by the Aldub Nation’s SPENDING POWER IN THE BOX OFFICE. You are hilarious at best, and a pathetic loser at worst.