Aldub’s Maine Mendoza Or ‘Yaya Dub,’ ‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence Have Something In Common – Unfortunately!

Aldub’s Maine Mendoza Or ‘Yaya Dub,’ ‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence Have Something In Common – Unfortunately!
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Maine Mendoza, known as “Yaya Dub” of the famous Aldub team in the Philippines, is beyond blessed. Or is she, really? Is the famous half of the love team getting what is due to her?


Even those outside the Philippines have caught on as to who Maine Mendoza is, or what the “Aldub” team is. It’s hard not to, when they keep trending on Twitter and news feeds around the world. If you do not know her, think of her as the Jennifer Lawrence of the Philippines in more ways than one. Morning News USA does not say this in a positive tone, though. Read on to find out why.

AlDub is continuing to make waves in the Philippines. With reports of the so-called love team losing their sparkle soon, it’s quite impressive that the interest stayed for so long. With their fame came advertisements and commercials outside of their main noontime show “Eat Bulaga.”

Boy, were the deals coming for Maine Mendoza, who not so-long ago was just an ordinary girl fond of doing Dubsmash videos. But are her efforts being compensated properly? Especially in light of the other half of the famous team, Alden Richards?

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Morning News USA learned that the Aldub team is piling on the endorsements. Their gross earnings as product endorsers counted over 200 million pesos ($4.5 million roughly) in just seven months.

For an ordinary girl turned extraordinary star in a span of months, this amount must be mind-boggling. But while the AlDub team is earning big, is Mendoza getting even half of this?  According to Inquirer Newspaper, a local Filipino newspaper, their deals as a pair or individually have already reached  41. The deals include those from multinational companies McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Tide, and more.

From one endorsement deal after another, this must be a good thing right? Not if she could have earned more… if only she was a he. This is why we said she and Jennifer Lawrence have something big in common — the industry they belonged to just could not recognize gender equality when it comes to wages.

Mendoza cannot ask for a rate nearly close the amount partner Richards ask for. Richards commands a higher amount that Mendoza, an unnamed insider revealed to Inquirer Newspaper.

Mga P5 million si Alden, P1.5 million si Maine (Around 5 million pesos for Alden and 1.5 million for Maine),” the source revealed. The source added that these rates have become the “standard” after AlDub’s series of McDonald’s TV ads were enthusiastically received by the public.

So while fans are cheering for the team, many think this discrepancy is uncalled for. Newbie or not, it cannot be denied that Mendoza is the “magic” behind the successful team-up. Richards is a star in his own right, but he was not shining as bright prior to Mendoza coming into his life.

Fans’ reactions say a lot.

“What only 1.5M for Maine? She should get more considering she is the catalyst of this hoopla.. Her management ain´t doing a good job,” a fan by the name of Carlos Madrid said.

Yan din ang una kong itinanong. Dapat pay equality lalo na’t Maine has the stronger draw from the crowd (That’s my first question too. There should be equal wages because Maine has a stronger appeal for the fans.),” an irate fan by the name of Shas Fuentecilla said.

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While there are no complaints from Mendoza (or is it just not a Filipina trait to ask for equal pay as their male counterparts?), the issue is worth tackling. This is why we think she is Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence’s career was launched when she starred as the lead star on the “Hunger Games” franchise. She is also a notable cast in “X-Men” franchise. But a Sony hack revealed she is earning far less than her male counterparts.

Lawrence, of course, did not stay mum about it. She penned an essay about Hollywood’s wage gap and since then, the issue has been in the limelight.

“When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I was being paid than the lucky people with dicks, I didn’t get mad at Sony. I got mad at myself,” she wrote on her friend’s Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter newsletter. “I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need.”

The Oscar winner said her decision not to fight for higher pay was influenced by her need “to be liked” and her fear of coming off as “difficult” or “spoiled.” The actress said that these are the results of social conditioning: “Could there still be a lingering habit of trying to express our opinions in a certain way that doesn’t ‘offend’ or ‘scare’ men?” she asked.

“At the time, that seemed like a fine idea, until I saw the payroll on the Internet and realized every man I was working with definitely didn’t worry about being ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled,’” she wrote.

Will Maine Mendoza speak up soon for herself and the rest of female Filipino artists in the same plight too? Because with such an audience enamored by her mere presence on their television screens, she can. Will Alden Richards step up and say his partner Maine Mendoza deserves far, far more?

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  • Jack Forbes

    Maine is the Reason why ALDUB is famous WTF She turns things into Gold All her endorsement were sold out unlike with Alden not even sold
    Maine is the Most Effective Endorser

  • moenn


    • SMH

      We’re all entitled to voice out our opinion and I respect yours but then again Think before you click coz your opinion is way out of the border. The issue here is GENDER EQUALITY, hindi pantay ang tingin o pagkilala sa isang lalaki at isang babae. Malaki ang sahod ni AL maliit kay DUB gayong ang commercial ay ALDUB. Also hindi naman sinabi na dapat mas malaki kay Maine or kahit pantay kundi yung hugggge difference. Now sa tanong mo kung papatok si Maine mag-isa ! here’s a FACT that’s BETTER than your OPINION : When Bench launch Maine’s fragrance (4 of them) they’re SOLD OUT in 15 MINUTES !!!

  • Tiye castillo

    The talent fee is a rookie talent fee fter a year of maine in showbiz, she will going to sign a new contract with a demand salary what is gets, the other network was going to offer maine a high superstar talent fee to transfer her to a rival network. Let see if money or loyalty for maine mendoza.

  • Just and just

    Well it’s sad for JLaw in this case, but for the other girl, I think that is right – for now, I mean.
    They are two different case. In Mendoza’s case, most of their deals are together right -with her tandem- but guess who did the most work – Yes the guy. The tandem of AlDub rise to fame because of the two – yes the ‘both’ of them, but because of their situation – which is very different/difficult -new- where they cant’ personally- they have to deal with it some way. Yes they’ve bagged a lot of endorsements together but there’s a need to promote that up, like gatherings and meeting of fans, events, etc. So who did all that job for the ‘two’ of them whilst the girl is resting or partying somewhere – yes the guy. While all their fans rave to see the two of them – who did the job meeting them to quench their thirst even for a bit. Who shouldered all their commitments – supposedly for the two of them – while the other is being sheltered to hyped up her mystery? – yes, the guy. So tell me how these things work out right? While the other accepts ads after ads while still keeping herself -and away from the crowd- the dude worked his ass off and thus also in that situation helped her partner ‘hyped’ up more. Who did all the meetings to compensate to all the companies who got them – and the fans who crave for them – the guy did – he did all the work for the ‘two’ of them – while she’s resting – enjoying all the hyped given to her. So this case shouldn’t be an issue. Because most of their deals together was worked out by the guy – so where is the unfairness there? And even comparing her to JLaw when in the first place it’s a different case. There is no victim here.

    So now tell me – where is the unfairness in their payment deals?

    And mind you, that girl Mendoza girl have loads of solo advertisement, why don’t you write about how she fight her right over that – there in that spot she have a say – and it’s her decision and problem – it she wants to do it.

    • TempestRider

      Obviously, you’re not an AlDub fan. EVERYTHING you said was FALSE. Get your facts straight! Just sayin’.

    • SMH

      Name at least 2 yes only 2 of your so called meeting or events that alden promoted by himself while Maine is partying ! Otherwise just STFU coz you know nothing.

    • PLPH1991


      The article is all about the industry they belonged to not being able to recognize gender equality when it comes to wages. Do not make it all about Alden Richards.

      From the start, Mendoza and Richards’ tandem is centered on the comedy genre. Their tandem became a phenomenon through comedy. Between the two, who is the comedian? THE GIRL. Yes, AlDub rose to fame because of the two but we all have to admit that THE GIRL did most if not all of the work with her fellow comedians. For nine months, Richards is still awkward in their comedic scenes and his comedic timing is still bad. Despite working in comedy-themed television shows everyday (Eat Bulaga! on Mon-Sat and Sunday Pinasaya on Sundays) for the past nine months people can still say that he did not improve enough as a comedian.

      When it comes to the events/promotion of the products that the BOTH of them endorse, Mendoza is always present. Both Mendoza and Richards have individual endorsements. Obviously, she should not promote products that she does not endorse. She has nothing to do with the products that Richards SOLELY endorses. Mendoza is also an effective endorser. MAC lipsticks (Ruby Rouge) were sold-out in stores after she mentioned in her IG that shes uses the product. When Bench launced her fragrances, they were all sold-out in 15 minutes.

      Eating out with friends on posh restaurants is not considered “partying”. With all of her commitments, she doesn’t have time to party late at night. Your allegations are slanderous by the way.

      I can also say that Mendoza shares more time with her fans compared to the guy because she is in the baranggays everyday. Before and after Eat Bulaga! she would greet and take selfies with her fans and would sign autographs. To think that she does these under the intense heat of the sun during the El Nino phenomenon and for FREE really proves that she loves her fans and is working her ass of to promote their tandem.

      Now after all that I’ve said, who did all the work for the ‘two’ of them? Which of them is the one being “hyped”?

  • thatsmei

    Wala po kayong paki sa negotiation ng kani-kanilang management. Walang kasalanan si Maine or Alden. Ndi nmn sila ang nakikipagtransact; at the same time nung in-offer kay Alden at maine, in-accept nmn nila so labas na kayo dun, kc decision nila un at ng mga managers nila. Isa pa, pano nyo nalaman ang bayaran nila, puro lang sabi ni ganyan, sabi ni ganito, not even proven factual, if ever man, please respect the confidentiality ng mga contracts nila. This article is merely posted to create an argument and for us Aldub Nation to be divided, as you can see already sa mga comments. Maging mapanuri at huwag patulan mga ganitong bagay, proud Aldub Nation ako, wala akong kakampihan kay Maine or Alden, ndi ako pipili dahil mahal ko sila pareho at mahal ko sila dahil sa positive na epekto nila sa isa’t-isa at kahit ano pa ibato sa kanila, eto lang masasabi ko #ALDUBIYAMBukasNa >> Manood kayo ha? Aldubyou all!