AlDub Love Team Graces Cover Of Reader’s Digest Asia

AlDub Love Team Graces Cover Of Reader’s Digest Asia
Aldub screenshot from Eat Bulaga
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What's This?

Reader’s Digest Asia has given in to the craze brought by Philippine power couple AlDub. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza graced the cover of the December issue of the digest.


Reader’s Digest is a 93-year-old general interest magazine. The publication was founded in New York in 1922. It has since become an institution in print media.

Morning News USA first reported about the hashtag #AlDub in October as it kept appearing as a top worldwide trend. AlDub was coined by combining Richards’ first name and Mendoza’s screen name Yaya Dub. The two have an everyday 20-30 minute stint together in a noontime show in the Philippines called “Eat Bulaga” (roughly translates to peek-a-boo). The segment does not follow a script, and all interaction shared by the couple were done via split-screen.

On Dec. 9, Twitter released its Top Trends for 2015. The hashtag #AlDub toppled hashtags made for the “Walking Dead” and “Pretty Little Liars.”

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Reader’s Digest was astonished to see the social media frenzy created by the love team. In its interview with Mendoza, the publication took the opportunity to ask about the real score between her and Richards; especially now that they are already interacting in person.

“To be honest, we haven’t been talking or even exchanging messages off cam. But now we’ve finally met on cam,” Mendoza told Reader’s Digest. “I can sense that he is a gentleman and a very humble person. We are not allowed to exchange numbers yet so we have only talked during Eat Bulaga.”

Richards, on the other hand, talked about his passion in acting. Based on his answers during the interview, Mendoza’s impression of him was right after all. The young lad’s answers show that he is God-fearing.

“I see myself doing what God has planned for me to do. I know that God knows what’s best for me and that he will guide me down a righteous path,” Richards told Reader’s Digest when asked where he sees himself five years from now. “What will happen in the next five years will be determined by God’s will for me and my life. Whatever it is, I know it is the right path for me.”

As proof of AlDub’s social media power, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach actually sought the help of their fans. In an Instagram post on Dec. 19, Miss Philippines posted a photo of herself doing AlDub’s cute signature wave. In her caption, she asked for fans to vote for her during the Miss Universe finals live telecast. AlDub responded by posting the Miss Universe 2015 voting mechanics on their own Instagram accounts.