Alabama Mass Murder: Photos Of Derrick Dearman, Who Killed 5, Including Unborn Child

Alabama Mass Murder: Photos Of Derrick Dearman, Who Killed 5, Including Unborn Child
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During the early hours of August 20, Derrick Dearman committed five gruesome murders, including the brutal slaying of a woman who is five months pregnant. He killed his victims while they were asleep.


It started when Dearman’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Laneta Lester, decided to flee Dearman due to the abusive nature of their relationship. On Friday, Lester had gone to 17160 Jim Platt Road to stay with a relative, but 27-year-old Dearman knew where she was.

Alabama Mass Murder: Dearman Stalked Victim’s Residence Before Killing Five People

At approximately 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, a 911 call was made from the residence where Lester had been staying. It was reported that Dearman was on the property. The Citronelle Police Department sent officers to respond to the call. However, Dearman had already left when the officers arrived.

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Around 15 minutes later, Dearman proceeded to make his way into the residence. This time, he attacked the victims as they slept. While he committed the murders, however, Dearman decided to spare his girlfriend’s life. He later forced Lester into a vehicle with a three-month-old infant who belonged to one of the victims. The three made their way to Mississippi toward the home of Dearman’s father, where he released Lester and the infant.

Upon arrival at the house, Dearman and his father had gone to the Green County Sheriff’s Office where Dearman turned himself in. At approximately 4:45 p.m., the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to a homicide at the residence of Lester’s relative. There, five people were confirmed dead.

The victims were identified as Robert Lee Brown, Justin Kaleb Reed, Joseph Adam Turner, Shannon Melissa Randall and Chelsea Marie Reed, who was five months pregnant. It is unclear how each of the victims were killed as they were said to be “several weapons” found in the crime scene.

Dearman described himself as the Chief Executive Officer of Hustling Hard. Last year, he stated that he was studying at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

At one point, he posted a message on his Facebook page saying, “If there’s one type of person I hate more than anything it’s a two faced two timing snake in the grass coward that play the part then run back to the master and tell it all for a chance at some crums..!!!!!! F*cking b*tch *ss Fein!!!”

He later followed up this post with, “They all need to be shot!!”

Dearman will face six counts of murder since one of his victims was pregnant.

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