Air France Flight AF953 Narrowly Misses Cameroon Mountain

Air France Flight AF953 Narrowly Misses Cameroon Mountain
Untitled Caius Chance/ Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Air France flight AF953 traveling from Malabo to Douala, narrowly escaped central Africa’s highest mountain, French investigators say.


Air France flight AF953, carrying 37 passengers including crew members, almost hit Mount Cameroon due to bad weather.

The jet was making a short trip from Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, to Cameroon’s largest city of Douala, when it ran into bad weather on May 2. It was due to pick up more passengers in Cameroon before making its journey to Paris.

French accident investigators BEA have opened a probe.

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During the flight, the pilots had to divert northwards to avoid storm clouds, but the new route directed it towards Mount Cameroon. The plane then soared quickly from 9,000ft (2,743m) to 13,000ft (3,962m) to avoid collision.

The flight landed about 44 minutes after leaving Malabo with no one injured.