‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4 spoilers: Melinda May Or Nick Fury Becomes New Director Of SHIELD?

‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4 spoilers: Melinda May Or Nick Fury Becomes New Director Of SHIELD?
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With the finale of “Agents of SHIELD” season 3 making it clear that Coulson will no longer remain the director of SHIELD, predictions have already started regarding who could replace him as the director.


‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 3

In the final moments of the season 3 finale, Daisy is seen running rogue, with SHIELD no longer having control over her actions. However, Coulson is tracking her movements with the obvious hope that she will rejoin the team one day. After another failed attempt to confront her, Coulson orders Mack to “Call the Director. We struck out again.”

The discovery that Coulson will no longer continue as the director in season 4 came as a shock to many, leading people on the internet to draw every possible option as to who could potentially replace him. After all, the job isn’t easy, as what fans have already seen in the first 3 seasons. Hence, one has to have experience in a similar field in order to qualify for the post.

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‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4

There are a number of popular choices when it comes to handling the post of director of SHIELD. Two of the top choices, as pointed out by Movie Pilot, are Melinda May and Nick Fury.

Choosing Nick Fury is a no-brainer, since he would simply be reassuming the post again, being the original director who started the entire thing. Melinda May, on the other hand, has been the trusted right-hand of Coulson for so long that she is aware of what the job entails. In a way, she might be able to do the job better than Coulson, since she is tougher and less emotionally vulnerable than him.

Among other choices put forward by TVLine are Maria Hill, General Talbot, Sharon Carter, Anne Weaver, and Grint Ward (who is meant to be Grant Ward’s not-so-evil twin brother).

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