‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers: Coulson’s Fate In Daisy’s Hands

‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers: Coulson’s Fate In Daisy’s Hands
Clark Gregg Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc
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Starting season 4 of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” Phil Coulson will no longer be the director of SHIELD, because Daily will no longer be an agent. From the teaser in the Season 3 finale, it is pretty clear that Coulson has resigned from his position as director and focuses all of his energies in tracking down Daisy, who becomes a vigilante.


‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 3 Finale

The finale of season 3 was a game-changer for “Agents of SHIELD” in more ways than one. It not only put an end to HIVE, the big bad of the season, but also made the good guy, Lincoln, act as a sacrificial lamb. While the death of Lincoln was hard on everyone who witnessed the incident, it was the hardest on Daisy, reports Movie News Guide. She lost the love of her life and a very dear friend, too.

What the viewers had not expected Daisy to do was to succumb to her wounds. However, that is exactly what a glimpse into the future showed. A very “Gothic” Daisy was seen running her own mission of locating and helping out Inhumans, while Coulson and his team tried to track her down. Coulson was also seen talking on the phone with the new director of SHIELD, which means that he no longer held that position.

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‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4

Coulson seemed to have thrown away his life and career in order to track Daisy. It is not something unnatural since he had confessed earlier in season 3 that Daisy was the closest he had to a daughter and hence, he was willing to go to any lengths to protect her.

“He’s not the director anymore, his destiny is not so much in his own hand as it used to be. The person he cares about is on the run and seems to be very sought after by the authorities. It’s very much changing the game for Coulson,” Clark Gregg, who plays Coulson on the show, told Entertainment Weekly.

He did seem to be a little too obsessed with the mission of tracking Daisy down, something that was pointed out by Mac, who was helping him on his mission. So will the hunt for Daisy end up ruining Coulson’s life?

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