After ‘Surface Book,’ ‘Nexus 6P’ Receiving Complaints Due To Faulty Displays

After ‘Surface Book,’ ‘Nexus 6P’ Receiving Complaints Due To Faulty Displays
Google Nexus 6P TechStage/ Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

No matter how reputable the brand is or how excellent the product is, once it is launched, you will always come across a few problems. Some of the smartphones known as the best are also facing customer complaints. “Nexus 6P” is one of those.


A Reddit user complained that the glass panel of his Nexus 6P has shattered. Other Reddit users then joined the conversation and gave this design fault a nod. The reason behind the crack of display is not yet known yet. Redditor Jonny_Rat posted a picture of his cracked device and wrote, “It was sat on a table next to me when I heard the glass snap, leaving a little snowfall of shavings on the table under it. It’s now continuing to crack away to itself.”

One of the users also said, “Same thing happened to me today, less than 24 hours after buying the device.” If these complaints are genuine and there are Nexus 6P devices out there with displays cracking without solid reason, Google as well as Huawei needs to take immediate notice of it.

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, devices that have been recently launched by Microsoft, are also some of the gadgets that faced screen-related issues. As we know, the displays of iPhones also crack, so we cannot deny the possibility of Nexus 6P cracking displays, but we will have to wait till the company looks into the matter and comment on it.

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