After Nexus 6, Project Fi Successfully Tested On Moto X Pure Edition

After Nexus 6, Project Fi Successfully Tested On Moto X Pure Edition
Motorola Moto X Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The biggest concern with Project Fi was that it was compatible only with Nexus 6. It looks like the scenario is changing. Read on to know if you should invest into Moto X Pure Edition for Project Fi.

What a relief it is! There is now another smartphone other than Nexus 6 compatible with Google’s Project Fi. It is none other than Motorola’s Moto X Pure Edition. No official announcement has been made yet by either Google or Motorola. But DroidLife in its blog post wrote:


“Well, in theory, shouldn’t the Moto X Pure Edition, with its awesome network compatibility that is very similar to the Nexus 6’s, technically be able to work with Google’s Project Fi too? See where I’m going here? Yes, we decided to see if it would work. We took an unactivated Project Fi SIM and slapped it in a Moto X Pure Edition. Not only does it seem to be working, but I’m actually not running into any issues at all at this point.”

The post also mentioned how flawlessly Project Fi works on Moto X Pure Edition. As soon as the app is installed on the device, the Project Fi SIM gets activated, allowing the user to make and receive calls, listen to music, browse the web, use LTE data, and even chat on Hangouts. Tests have not yet made clear whether Wi-Fi calls through Project Fi are actually connected to Wi-Fi as they are on Nexus 6.

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DroidLife also posted a video showing how Project Fi works on Moto X Pure Edition:

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Project Fi being made available on Moto X Pure Edition is just the first step towards making this advanced network available to the masses. The days are not far to the point where the market will be flooded with devices compatible with Google’s Project Fi.

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