After iOS 9, Microsoft’s ‘Surface Book’ Suffers From Bugs

After iOS 9, Microsoft’s ‘Surface Book’ Suffers From Bugs
From Microsoft
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What's This?

Microsoft’s “Surface Book” is still new. It has not even reached half of its target audience and there are already problems in paradise.


Users are already complaining about the Book freezing unexpectedly. Customers are turning to Microsoft’s support forum to report problems they are encountering. A customer with the username DDB7 posted a question on the forum, making the issue crystal clear. He wrote, “Got my Surface Book i7, 512GB today. From the start I have had problems with it randomly freezing. Nothing will break the freeze short of holding down the power button and forcing a restart. All the latest patches and updates are applied. At first though maybe it was wireless network related but just had a freeze when wired in through a USB network adapter.”

Addressing the issue, a representative of Microsoft said, “A small number of customers have flagged some issues with their Surface Book. We are working hard to resolve them quickly and easily with Windows Update.” If we go back to the question, we realize that at least not even downloading the latest updates have proven to be helpful.

PC World also tried its hands on the machine and realized that after the initial set-up, the Surface Book could download but not install updates and apps from the Microsoft Store. Other issues that the users reported were:

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a. Flickering of screen when Hyper-V virtualization is enabled
b. Unable to detect the clipboard

Hopefully, as per the promise, Microsoft will resolve all of the issues as soon as possible.