Adobe Creative Cloud Update: Flash Professional Will Now Be Known As Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Creative Cloud Update: Flash Professional Will Now Be Known As Adobe Animate CC
Photo Credit: midiman via Compfight cc
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What's This?

Is the Adobe Creative Cloud update reintroducing Flash or killing it completely? To put it into Adobe’s words, the company wants Adobe Flash “to more accurately represent its position as the premier animation tool for the web and beyond.”


Flash Professional will hence be called Adobe Animate CC, with the next update set for release in early 2016. Adobe on its blog said that as HTML 5 is emerging and the demand for animation is growing, the company “rewrote the tool” completely to incorporate WebGL support and HTML 5 Canvas. Adobe also says that most of the content created in Flash Professional uses HTML 5. This is the content that reaches over 1 billion devices all over the world. So will Flash die?

No, Adobe Flash isn’t dying. Animate CC will still support Flash. But Adobe Creative Cloud update is not just renaming Flash Professional but will also bring along a bunch of new features. Expect to do more with drawings and illustration. Your pencils and brushes are now improving so you can draw precise and smooth vector outlines. You will now be able to change colors faster than ever. For perfect strokes, this update will allow you to rotate a canvas to 360 degrees.

With Animate CC, you will be able to browse as well as license high-quality pictures, vector graphics and illustrations. Animation can also be added to static content. The update will also add multi-platform and OAM support. For better understanding of features, you can also visit Adobe’s blog.

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