Adidas Train And Run App Now Available On Windows 10

Adidas Train And Run App Now Available On Windows 10
Adidas Warren Rohner / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Adidas has good news for those looking to get healthy and fit this 2016. The athletic gear company has launched its Train and Run app in the Windows Store, allowing the said app to be accessed from any Windows 10 device.


If you are using Windows at home and at work, keeping track of your fitness goals and stats would be much easier. And in case you’re wondering, being able to have an accurate activity tracker helps athletes and fitness buffs stay on their target goals. In fact, according to clinical psychologist Roy Sugarman, “Only when you understand what the baseline is can you begin to exceed it.”

Being able to look at your fitness baseline across any device is the goal here. Adidas Digital Sports General Manager Stacey Burr said they want users to seamlessly set fitness goals, track their progress, plan more workouts and see all these on their handset or tablet.

What’s more, the Adidas Train & Run App also comes with a FIT SMART activity tracker to allow for a more personalized level of coaching, which means you get both accurate heart rate monitoring and step counting. And since Cortana is also part of the experience when using the Adidas fitness app on Windows 10, you can simply say “Start Free Workout” and a pre-selected workout that comes with voice coaching will immediately get started for you.

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You can download your own Adidas Train and Run fitness app here.

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