Adele Tour: Announces UK Tour Starting February 29

Adele Tour: Announces UK Tour Starting February 29
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Adele tour update: The singer, who made waves with her record-breaking single, “Hello,” has announced her first tour in four years. It will take place throughout the UK and Europe in 2016. The tour will begin in Belfast on February 29. It is expected to run till June.


On Thursday, a video was posted on the singer’s Facebook page where she mentions she is going for a tour in 2016. She gives her best Harry Porter impression in the video. A map is shown behind her.

The tour will cover places including Stockholm, Verona, Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich, Lisbon, Herning, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Barcelona, Paris and Antwerp. Tickets for the tour are available at The last date mentioned on the page is June 13. This has made people believe that Adele will be performing in Glastonbury this year.

The Adele tour will be the first for the singer in the last four years. Just a few days ago, she was talking to Rolling Stone where she said she will decide about the tour after Christmas. She said at that time, “When I’ve sat down and thought, ‘What can I do to bring something new to the table?’ It was just like, ‘Tour.’ Because I haven’t done it properly.”

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While the UK gets the Adele tour first, the U.S. may also get to see the star after some months for sure. She is excited to meet her fans who have given support for her new album “25,” which has sold 3 million copies already.