Adele Snubs Kardashians: Kim And Kanye Not Worth Her Time?

Adele Snubs Kardashians: Kim And Kanye Not Worth Her Time?
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Kardashian momager Kris Jenner expected to boost ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians” ratings by inviting ‘Hello’ singer Adele over a dinner. Sadly enough, that won’t be happening since the songstress, who prefers to keep a low profile, has turned down the invitation.


Although, on an earlier occasion Adele, 28, admitted to being a huge fan of the show, watching the reruns for countless times while she was pregnant with her son Angelo. However, it looks like she is not willing to be the star of the show herself.

According to a report by the Radar Online, Adele has recently bought a property near Kim Kardashian, 35 and Kanye West, 39. According to TV sources, Jenner is keen on throwing a grand dinner party for Adele with the entire clan on board, including Kim and Kanye.

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The Rolling in the Deep star is, reportedly, friendly with some of the members of the family, including Kendall Jenner, who attended one of her gigs in Los Angeles as a VIP guest, the reported.

“Kendall has been pushing for her to come to dinner as she is smitten by her. She loves her talent and thinks she is a really funny woman,” an insider was quoted as saying by the Sunday Mirror. “She loves her talent and thinks she is a really funny woman.”

The source added, “And now the family is on board, Kris feels it would be amazing for Kim and Kanye to give Adele an LA welcome and insiders’ knowledge after she bought a place here.”

The source also revealed that though getting Adele on the show would have been very profitable for the show, the songstress is not up for it.

“Of course Kris, as executive producer on the E! series, knows that getting the dinner on TV would be viewing gold, but at this stage, Adele is not sold on that idea,” the insider noted. “She hasn’t ruled out a dinner another time – it’s just a reality show isn’t for her.”

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