Adele Scores $3.38 Million Records For ’25’ And A Hot New Bodyguard

Adele Scores $3.38 Million Records For ’25’ And A Hot New Bodyguard
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Since the release of her latest album ”25″ last November 20, Adele has been dominating the album sales chart for the past week. Not only did she score the bestselling album in a week since 1990, she also has herself a new, hot bodyguard that has got the media buzzing.


As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Adele’s recent album “25” has garnered the number one spot on Billboard 200 chart and has sold a total of 3.38 million copes in American alone during its first week of release.

Last Tuesday, the album sold an initial 2.433 million copies that broke the first-week bestselling record since *NSYNC’s “No Strings Attached” album during the year 2000. As of Thursday last week, she was already able to land the 3 million sales record. At present, the sales have climbed up to 3.48 million, followed by the return of her previous album “21” back in the Billboard’s Top 10 albums this week.

In other news, US Magazine reported that not only did Adele land the bestselling album of the year based on present values, but she was also able to gain another upside to her career: a hot, new bodyguard by the name of Van Der Veen.

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Veen, a Holland national, previously earned the label “Mr. Europe” and was also Lady Gaga’s former bodyguard. He was said to be employed by Adele after the success of her “25” album and Adele’s fans have been gushing over him since his present employment.

Most of the fans took to Twitter their reactions on Adele’s new knight in shining armor:

Last Saturday, a fan tweeted, “If you wanna see something beautiful, google ‘Adele’s bodyguard’.” Another said, “Adele’s bodyguard could set fire to the rain.”

Furthermore, since Adele’s “25” is set for a European tour starting February next year, fans have been hoping and wishing that Van Der Veen is going to be by her side, adding up to her beautiful tunes as food for the eyes for all of her fans to see.