Adele Performs At X Factor With New Haircut, Fans Freak Out

Adele Performs At X Factor With New Haircut, Fans Freak Out
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The much anticipated “X Factor” finale not only showcased the best of the best from the show; it also graced the audience with a surprise – a stellar performance from Adele singing “Hello,” flaunting her new short bob haircut. Adele may have the pipes to wow an audience, but fans were gushing over her look.


Adele recently released her latest album “25” to the market. In fact, the said album was last reported to have gained $3.38 million worth of records since November 20. Her flagship song “Hello” also dominated track charts from radio stations to online media websites.

Following her success in the album charts, People reported that fans have also been gushing over her new hairdo showcased during her performance on “X Factor” last Sunday. The pop phenomenon showed off her short bob haircut while she sang her impressive pipes out to her hit single “Hello” during the “X Factor” finals.

The pop star has been influencing women of this century. According to the Daily Mail, she looked beautiful with her new hairstyle that Twitter fans have been commending her of a “bob” well done. After she performed during the event, Adele said, “That was amazing! I’ve honestly been waiting half my life to be here. I’m so excited to be here. I wanted to burst out laughing the whole laugh.” She then added, “You feel so close. I couldn’t do that again, I couldn’t look [the judges] in the eyes.”

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Clearly, she was more than excited to perform on the “X Factor” finale as Adele showed off her new haircut just for that particular event. When asked on who her favorite contestant was, she said, “Lauren was my favorite, when she said she couldn’t afford to buy new knickers. I thought she was great.” Apparently, she was great as well.