Adele, Jimmy Fallon Enjoy ‘Box Of Lies’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Adele, Jimmy Fallon Enjoy ‘Box Of Lies’ On ‘The Tonight Show’
Photo Credit: amsfrank via Compfight cc
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Adele was in “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on Monday. She belted a new song, “Water Under The Bridge.” Her new album has sold between 2 to 3 million copies in the first three days.


Adele was seen in the show playing a silly game, “Box of Lies.” In the game, players have to use words and expressions to guess the contents of the box of the other person. Host Jimmy Fallon and Adele chose a container with an odd item in it. They tried to trick each other about the content, but in most cases, Jimmy Fallon had the upper hand.

The game may not be interesting, but the way Adele and Jimmy Fallon tried to trick each other was notable. Adele tried to fool Fallon with her eyes while Fallon made an effort to defend his G.I. Joe doll dressed as Santa Claus. It was easy for Fallon to guess if Adele was telling a lie or not.

“Box of Lies” offered a glimpse of Adele in her humorous form. She was seen disclosing a part of it in the BBC prank where she disguised herself as Jenny, an Adele impersonator.

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Adele and Jimmy Fallon were both overwhelmed by the result of the game. The funny host was able to make her laugh with the same wit he delivers in every episode of “The Tonight Show.”