Adele’s ’25’ Album Release Date Fast Approaching, Bans Her Songs From Online Streaming

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Adele is set to release her latest album“25” this coming November 20, 2015. However, fans may be distraught as the “Hello” singer artist announced earlier that she will not allow her latest albums’ songs such as “When We Were Young” and all the other tracks made available through online streaming. How long will Adele’s songs be missing in Spotify or Apple Music?


As reported by Vanity Fair, the release of Adele’s album “25” is going to be swarmed by fans tomorrow, November 20, 2015. This is her first album after her release of “21,” her 2012 album. She also disappeared from the lime light after her album sales skyrocketed, after she had her so Angelo at least.

Despite her break from the music industry, Adele will grace the crowd with another album this Friday. She is set to release “25,” her latest album, which comprises of the one-hit wonder single “Hello” that landed the number one spot in the hit charts across 28 countries upon its release. In fact, it was considered as the first song to see more than a million digital copies for its first week.

As fans rampaged over Adele’s newest record, their enthusiasm may be at a low since yesterday’s announcement. Earlier today, Adele announced that she will not have her album be streamed through Spotify, Apple Music or any mobile or online streaming application out there, reported New York Times.

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Online streaming had been an issue for several of music industry talents, which included the “Hello” singer. This was due to several controversial royalty payments and issues of control that artists felt towards this company as to whether the best interest of their records is being protected by the streaming services.

It was reported that she withdrew her music from Spotify a while back when she felt that the company devalued her songs for making listeners access it for free. During an interview, Mark Mulligan, a digital media analyst with Midia Research stated, “This is a minor issue for Adele, but a major issue for the streaming services. For two years running they’ve not had the biggest album of the year.”

Adele’s “25″ album will be released this coming November 20, 2015, Friday under XL/Columbia flagship. However, to the fans dismay, this will not be available for online streaming via Spotify or any other online streaming company. Bummer!