Adel Kermiche: Photo & Facts About ISIS Man Who Beheaded Priest In Normandy

Adel Kermiche: Photo & Facts About ISIS Man Who Beheaded Priest In Normandy
Eu grassrootsgroundswell / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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While France is still recovering from the Nice attack that left 84 people killed, the country is again being tested after another terror attack hit Normandy, which targeted churchgoers, including an old priest. French police has identified the 19-year-old suspect as Adel Kermiche.


The radicalized Kermiche killed the 84-year-old priest Jacques Hamel while holding a morning mass in Normandy, Tuesday morning.

The suspect ordered the senior priest to kneel before slitting his throat. The victim sustained a fatal stab wound on his chest. The Daily Mail reported that Kermiche told one of the nuns. “You Christians, you kill us.”

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Attempted to Join ISIS Twice

Kermiche has been charged with attempts to join the terrorist group after two attempts to travel to Syria using fake identities in 2015. In his first attempt, he used his brother’s identification, but authorities were able to stop Kermiche, CNN reported.

Conditionally Released

In the same year, he attempted to travel to Syria via Turkey, where he was blocked by Turkish police and was later deported back to France. The suspect was detained in March this year, but was released on the condition he would report to the local police station at least once a week.

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From Educated Family

According to a report from the Independent, Kermiche grew up from an educated family with his mother, a college professor. The Algeria-born suspect had a sister who is a doctor, and a brother living in Rouen.

Family Was Aware

The same report noted that the suspect’s family was aware of his radicalization and even told the police about it. The family even asked the French police to stop him from leaving the country for Syria.

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