ABC Apologizes To ‘Quantico’ Actress Priyanka Chopra For Identity Goof-up

ABC has apologized to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra for telecasting a picture of someone else while promoting the new TV series “Quantico.” ABC’s “Nightline” included a video of Bollywood actress Yukta Mookhey in the promotion of the new series while it was supposed to feature the video of Chopra being crowned Miss World.


Chopra was crowned Miss World 2000 at the age of 18 following another Indian beauty, Yukta. “Nightline” mixed up things and now they are in damage-control mode. The video in question was to focus on the fact how Priyanka dealt with the issue of racism and prejudice throughout her life.

The error was noted online by a viewer who pointed out, “Do all Indians look the same to you? Dealing with race issues indeed.” ABC was quick to respond. They posted an apology and corrected the version of the story online.

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Priyanka was subtle about the whole thing. She just tweeted “LOL” and liked a post that reads, “Uh oh, @Nightline!” this was followed by a tweet that reads, “All brown people don’t look the same.”

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Priyanka said in the “Nightline” interview that she was bullied throughout her childhood because of her dark skin. She also mentioned her experiences when she was named the official voice of Thursday Night Football for the NFL in 2013. She mentioned, “There was a lot of these terrorist comments that called me an “Arab terrorist,”‘ recalling, “I was offending on two accounts: one, why is every Arab a terrorist? And second of all, how am I an Arab? I’m Indian.”

Priyanka is Alex Parrish in the new show “Quantico,” which has bagged a good viewership in its premiere episode.