Abbey D’ Agostino, Nikki Hamblin: Unfair To Compete Again?

Abbey D’ Agostino, Nikki Hamblin: Unfair To Compete Again?
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Abbey D’ Agostino and Nikki Hamblin started out as rivals on Rio Olympics 2016 Semi Finals but ended up as role models after falling down on the race tracks together.


Nikki and Abbey did not get the day that they were hoping for, but their show of sportsmanship and kindness made them win the hearts of the audience.

Both of them started out as competitors with the sole goal of beating the other to make it to the finals of Women’s 5000m race, but fate intervened and midway into the race, both of them stumbled and fell unceremoniously on the racing track.

Abbey D’ Agostino And Nikki Hamblin

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While the moment crushed any hopes of the two making it into the finals, it did foster a renewed sense of sportsmanship and determination into them. Abbey, from the USA, was the first to get up on her feet and she went over to Nikki, from New Zealand, to check if she was hurt.

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Nikki appeared to still be in a bit of a shock over the accidental fall. “When I went down it was like, ‘what’s happening? Why am I on the ground?” recalled Nikki, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

However, after being encouraged by Abbey to finish the race together, Nikki got up to her feet, focused and ready to go. But then it was Abbey’s turn to crumble. She did not realize how badly she had hurt her legs until that point.

2016 Rio Olympics

Abbey urged Nikki to go on without her and finish her race but Nikki refused to budge. Recalling that moment, Nikki says, “I probably had like five or six laps to go and it’s a lonely five or six laps…” So she wanted to finish the race with a companion and who better than the girl who helped her get up on her feet?

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With Nikki’s help, Abbey managed to hobble her way through the four and a half laps, as they both completed last but with a roaring cheer from the crowd. Abbey had to be placed in a wheelchair immediately after crossing the finish line though.

“She (Abbey) seems like such a lovely awesome girl. I think everyone here knows what you have to do to get here,” said Nikki, as a shout out to her new found friendship.

Both Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’ Agostino were rewarded for their sportsmanship. Despite finishing last, both of them have been given the golden opportunity to compete in the finals, reports The Washington Post, leading the way  for controversy.

Do Nikki and Abbey deserve to compete in the finals of Women’s 5000 m just because they showed good will?

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