Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial: Date Set, Lawyers, Possible Witness, Aaron Rodriguez Mistake [Watch]

Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial: Date Set, Lawyers, Possible Witness, Aaron Rodriguez Mistake [Watch]
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The Aaron Hernandez double murder trial date has been set and a possible witness was identified. There were also light moments during the hearing, involving one of Hernandez’s high-profile lawyers.


When Will The Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial Begin?

Hernandez was required to go back to court on Feb. 13 with no more possible extension, the Associated Press reported. Judge Jeffrey Locke reportedly told Hernandez and his star-studded defense team that the new trial date is firm. It means there will be no more reconsideration.

Hernandez’s lawyers, including lead counsel Florida-based Jose Baez and Harvard Law School professor Ronald Sullivan, asked for more time to study the case. They were hired in June to defend Hernandez in his double murder trial after allegedly killing two men in Boston in 2012.

Witness For Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial Revealed

When the trial begins, Hernandez will likely see a familiar face. According to Boston Globe, Alexander Bradley, a man who was previously shot by the former NFL star, will be asked to testify.

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Bradley was reportedly with Hernandez when he fatally shot Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado outside a Boston night club four years ago. De Abreu allegedly frustrated Hernandez after he accidentally spilled some drink on the former New England Patriots star.

Following an altercation, Hernandez reportedly gunned down de Abreu and Safiro, who were inside a BMW during the incident. Bradley is also an alleged shooting victim of Hernandez in 2015.

When asked about Bradley’s possible testimony, Baez had an interesting take. “It’s obvious they had a prior relationship, so of course he knows what Aaron looks like,” he said.

Aaron Rodriguez Who?

Meanwhile, there was also a funny moment during the latest hearing. Baez introduced himself and said that he is representing Aaron Rodriguez, which drew a laugh from Hernandez. Check out the video below.

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