Apple Pay Vs. Samsung Pay Vs. LG Pay: What You Need To Know About Them

Apple Pay Vs. Samsung Pay Vs. LG Pay: What You Need To Know About Them
Mobiles Bezahlen mit Vodafone SmartPass Vodafone Medien / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Last time, we compared three major mobile payment systems, Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Android Pay. This time, let us replace Android Pay with LG Pay, another rising star. Android Pay, to date, has not grown as expected. With LG all set to launch its own mobile wallet, how about giving it its share of attention?


Apple always leads, wherever it may go. Apple Pay is also popular when it comes to mobile wallets. This mobile payment system is now coming to older iPhone models like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. But in order to be able to use Apple Pay, these iPhone owners need to have Apple Watch. It is going to be interesting to see whether this increases the sale of Apple Watch or keeps people away from Apple’s mobile wallet. The popularity of Apple Pay is such that even British Airways are now allowing customers to pay for flight tickets through this mode of payment. With every passing day, brands that accept payment via iPhones are increasing. BP, Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s, Boots, Star Bucks, KFC and Transport for London are some of the well-known brands compatible with Apple Pay.

When we speak about Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay, the best part about Samsung’s mobile payment system is Magnetic Secure Transfer. With this technology, retailers that accept debit cards can accept mobile payments as well. Samsung users hence do not require any special technology to make Samsung Pay work. They can use pay with their cell phones anywhere. Due to this one feature, Samsung Pay still leads, leaving Apple Pay behind.

LG Pay is yet to be launched. The mobile wallet was supposed to see the daylight at Mobile World Congress 2016 but due to some reasons the release has been delayed. At MWC 2016, Samsung Pay will be launched in the Russian and UK markets. In a Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. LG Pay, personally, my vote goes to Samsung Pay. Reason? MST.

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