A ‘Second Snowden’ Has Risen

A ‘Second Snowden’ Has Risen
Photo by Todd Quackenbush / Unsplash.com
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The Obama administration is monitoring people it wants to be killed by drones; it is “racking and stacking their names on a list,” “assigning them numbers” like “assigning them baseball cards;” it is assigning people death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield.


The Obama administration’s war conducted with drones “was, from the very first instance, wrong,” – this according to a whistleblower who leaked slides detailing the inhumane process of which the government is placing people on its kill list. The documents are now in the hands of The Intercept, the same people who received documents from former NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

According to reporter Jeremy Scahill, the documents given to The Intercept by a “new whistleblower” detail the government’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. The documents contained never-before-seen information about President Barack Obama’s drone wars.

The leaked slides are put together by a team of reporters and researchers from The Intercept and published as “The Drone Papers.” Among the bombshell information contained in the papers are: how President Barack Obama authorizes targets for assassination like he has “godlike powers.” To make matters more gut-wrenching, assassination orders were based on unreliable intelligence; the strikes conducted to accomplish the assassination often kill more than the intended target with the rationale that it is part of a phenomenal gamble; and these unintended targets were only labeled by the government as “enemies killed in action.”

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The “new Snowden” wishes for his or her identity to remain anonymous. The Intercept gathered that the government has aggressively prosecuted whistleblowers and the new source wants to be protected from that.

On October 15, Snowden, who has joined Twitter recently, endorsed the published articles from The Intercept. “When we look back on today, we will find the most important national security story of the year,” Snowden tweeted.

Read “The Drone Papers.”