A Mysterious Fireball Exploded Over The Skies Of Bangkok On Monday

A Mysterious Fireball Exploded Over The Skies Of Bangkok On Monday

A huge fireball exploded over Bangkok on Monday morning. The people of Thailand were confused with the sudden appearance of a mysteriously fireball over the sky.


The fireball descended from the sky and exploded over Bangkok in a dramatic fashion in broad daylight. The mysterious ball of fire that showed up from nowhere is said to be a meteorite which was ablaze as soon as it entered the earth’s atmosphere. This amazing event is luckily caught by dash-cams and was shared on social media including YouTube, according to INQUISTIR.

The video has been viewed by millions of people from around the globe and is also shared tens of thousands of times. Some social media viewers mistook the fireball for a crashing aircraft, space debris and a UFO. But The Nation, a Thai newspaper, confirmed that it was a meteor that caught fire as it reached the earth’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Kanchanaburi Governor Wan-chai Osukhonthip noted that “I would like to ask the people to listen to the official report and do not spread rumours.”

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Prapee Wiraporn, President of the Thai Astronomical Society, noted that “The bolide this morning [yesterday] was extraordinary because it was very bright and clearly visible during the daytime. This is a natural, normal phenomenon because the small meteors fall to the earth every day but what we saw was similar to the one over Chelyabinsk, Russia, two years ago,” as reported by the INQUISTIR.