9-Year-Old Girl Reports Exclusive Murder On Ninth Street, Confronts Backlash

9-Year-Old Girl Reports Exclusive Murder On Ninth Street, Confronts Backlash
Hilde Kate Lysiak YouTube
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Hilde Kate Lysiak is no stranger to investigative journalism. She may only be nine, but she knows a story the moment she spots one. That’s exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon, when a murder happened on Ninth Street and Hilde managed to get the story exclusively. After she was done with her report, she took the time to confront her critics.


Yes, Hilde may only be nine, but she loves reporting as much as any adult journalist does. She is also the editor and publisher of Orange Street News, and she’s been pursuing stories since 2014. That would put her at around seven years old when she started. And since then, Hilde has covered a wide range of heartwarming stories including a hero dog, a bear going loose and a new baby.

Meanwhile, this young reporter has also written about other serious issues in the area such as vandalism, a porn hacker on the loose, a journalist being harassed and a drug issue involving Selinsgrove Middle School. This time, however, Hilde found herself covering a murder.

According to the report from Hilde, a man was suspected of murdering his wife with a hammer at 9th Street, Selinsgrove. She said she got a tip from “a good source that was able to confirm” She then rushed over to the scene to ask neighbors for more information. After all, Hilde said the murder “happened just a few blocks from my house.”

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The result: this young reporter managed to get her story out at least an hour ahead of the competition.

After she was done reporting, Hilde took the time to address critics who have been saying mean things to her since she has reported on the murder. On video, she happily read some of the harshest remarks addressed to her.

Among her critics is the former mayor of Selinsgrove Sean Christine who seemed to have called her work “Sensationalist Trash.” Meanwhile, another remarked about feeling “disgusted” that Hilde thinks she’s a journalist and asked the question, “What happened to tea parties?”

In response, Hilde said, “I know this makes some of you uncomfortable. And I know some of you just want me to sit down and be quiet because I’m nine, but if you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computer and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?”

As you may have guessed, Hilde has already gone back to reporting. In fact, she just came out with a new piece about a father being banned from his son’s preschool.

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