This 9-Year-Old Boy Waited For Friends On His Birthday But No One Came, Here’s The Sad Reason

This 9-Year-Old Boy Waited For Friends On His Birthday But No One Came, Here’s The Sad Reason
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Many parents save up and put an effort to celebrate the birthday of their children. But it is extra special for Gerald Hamilton, a nine-year-old boy from Indiana.


Amelia Lara, Gerald’s grandmother, and Gerald’s mom had been getting ready to celebrate his birthday and they even sent out invitations to his classmates at school.

On the date of his birthday, Gerald was waiting. Several hours passed and no one arrived. When they were about to cut his birthday cake, Gerald asked to wait a little more, hoping that his classmates had just been late and would be arriving soon. But no one really came. It was heartbreaking for Amelia and Gerald’s mom to see their little angel felt frustrated.

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Amelia asked Gerald’s mom to call up the parents of these children and inquire what happened. They found out that the parents viewed Gerald as ‘different’ and thought that their kids could not play with him.

This made Amelia mad and she vented out her frustration over Facebook.

Gerald underwent multiple skull expansion surgeries. As a result, his learning abilities slowed down. His family sees Gerald as a unique child. But his classmates and their parents see him as “different.”

Amelia wrote: “I’m going to vent right now.  My grandson who is in second grade and has had at least 5 skull expansion surgeries, is slower then the other kids in his class.  However, he is the kindest, most compassionate kid I know.  His mother sent 30 invitations to his class.  12 said they were coming.  At, 3 o’clock he made sure his goodie bags were ready for his friends, he was dressed and ready to party.  At 5:00 p.m. he was still sitting there not wanting to cut his cake because one person might show up.  When my daughter called the 12 parents to find out what was going on.  Here is their response.  My child can’t play with yours he is just to different.  How sad he is 9 he just wants to have friends.  So no one came, no cards, no presents.  So, it is my mission to have as many cards as I can mailed to my little guy.  You can send them to me and I’ll make sure he gets them….this breaks my heart.”

Amelia encouraged readers to send letters to Gerald to uplift his spirits.

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