8-year-old Boy Wows At NYC Gay Pride Parade

8-year-old Boy Wows At NYC Gay Pride Parade
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Eight-year-old Desmond Napoles danced fiercely as he joined the Gay Pride Parade over the weekend. He wore a rainbow tutu and gold sequined cap for the event. A photo of him has since gone viral and critics were quick to react. His mother, Wendylou Napoles, has benevolently slammed them down.


Mother gracefully slams critics

NewNowNext has posted a photo of Desmond as he danced fiercely during the Gay Pride March. The photo has been liked more than 5,000 times, generating more than 200 comments which showed support. However, critics were also quick to give their negative feedback.

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Posted by NewNowNext on Sunday, June 28, 2015

His mother was compelled to shut critics down as she was bothered by some of the negative comments.

Desmond “has always been very gender fluid when it came to toys and his development,” and that he “was always feminine since day one.” Wendylou wrote in the comment section of Desmond’s photo on Facebook.

She said Desmond preferred fashion dolls to action figures and also plays with trains. He never wanted sports but will always draw and does word searches. He prefers ballet class and loves dancing.

“He loves drag queens and thinks that it is fantastic that boys can play dress up and become beautiful girls, even after they grow up. He, himself, likes to play dress up in skirts and dresses,” Wendylou wrote.

She said when Desmond was not playing dress up, “he looks like any other boy,” self-conscious, especially about smiling when he has missing teeth. She said Desmond does not like school because he gets bullied, but he nevertheless excels in academics.

“We do our best to stop the bullying and involve the LGBT services at his school. We keep him involved in the LGBT community because we believe that by speaking to other people who were like him when they were his age reinforces that he is of value and that his life as he wants to live it is okay,” Wendylou wrote.

“He just needed the love and reassurance that he has a place in this world, as does any child. The development into the sparkle loving, happy, tutu-wearing boy in this photo was very natural and gradual and age appropriate,” Wendylou continued.

“We did not expose him to sexuality in the way some people project. He is old enough and smart enough to know he would be marching in the Pride parade in front of thousands of people and did all of it willingly,” she wrote more.

“This was his Pride today. He felt it. He loved it. He was it. These children will be our future. Embrace who they are. All they are asking for is the same love, respect, and acceptance of themselves as any child would.”

Proud of Desmond

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Parenting, Wendylou said she and her husband Andrew supports Desmond all the way. They are both proud of their son.

She shared that Desmond had wanted to join the parade since he was six years old but they thought she was too young then. They finally allowed then on Sunday.

“I could tell that he was living his dreams,” Wendylou told Yahoo.

“Imagine being a boy like him and the challenges he faces every day — to be accepted by thousands and thousands of people for being yourself. That must be incredible. There were many moments when I had tears running down my face from witnessing how happy and comfortable he was and from looking around and seeing the reactions from the crowd.”

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  • Lacey

    The mother and father are to blame for this freak show. The child doesn’t know any better! Terrible parents!

  • pbtruth

    This is Americas future. I am sure that drugs are in his future. These are the same kind of people that show up as mass shooters because for them there are no boundries everything is about them. And his parents sound like the tpye that inable them.

  • Miss Trixie

    That poor child. He’s going to be terribly screwed up for the rest of his life thanks to bad parenting and no boundaries. The deviants in the crowd are smacking their chops and licking their lips at the prospect of sinking their claws into this kid. If the “parents” don’t protect him, he’s just fresh meat to the deviant pederasts.

    • Lisa

      more likely to be touched by a deviant priest, actually.

      • Brett C. Bowerman

        Ya think?

    • Brett C. Bowerman

      Sad but true…

  • Everett Holstein

    That mother would have fits if a 300 lb man walked down her street naked and told her, “If you don’t like what you see, don’t look!” Her comment is unbelievable and she and her husband should have the boy removed from their custody and put into psychological care. THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF A GAY GENE! This boy has issues that need to be addressed. Also, the “Queers” as they used to refer to themselves as, hijacked the word Gay. Queers can be gay, but not all Gay people are queer. They are just happy. AMERICA HAS BECOME SICK AND NEEDS TO GET RIGHT AND STOP ALL OF THIS NONSENSE.

  • Jonathan D. Martin

    Wendylou is an exceptional mother, and thanks to her embracing Desi’s differences, he will be shielded from the internalized shame that often leads young GLBT people to suicide. I wish people would not judge her without knowing her or Desi.

    • Majolica

      She’s “exceptional” all right – at least, I hope so.

  • Jorge Costanza

    “Mom can I go outside and play with my friends?”
    “No desmond you need to wear this dress and crown so I can show how truly progressive I am. Oh and you’ll be wearing it in front of thousands of people. Make sure to give them a show”

  • Majolica

    Great choice, Mom. Isn’t that the place where men go around with their backsides hanging out? At one gay pride I somehow got detoured into when driving in Boston, the guys were walking around with their pants unzipped. That’s just the kind of place a wholesome parent brings her child to.

  • Peter Rathbone

    Obviously a trained circus animal… NICE GOING… mom!

    • Brett C. Bowerman

      Sadly you are correct…

  • Peter Rathbone

    How do you know if he identifies as a male? Perhaps he actually prefers Desmina… A tortured lesbian soul trapped in a boy’s body.

    • Brett C. Bowerman


  • Eddo

    This is terrible. The exact reason I said this immoral act will cause so much damage. Our Children will pay the biggest price.
    DHS should step in. Teaching this Child a damaging lie at this age is beyond belief

  • Industrial Noise

    Applause for Desmond! Great story!