7 Android Friendly Motivational Apps For You

7 Android Friendly Motivational Apps For You
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Apps rule our world, and so to help you know about the best apps in the market, we compiled this article. Did you know that there are inspirational and motivational apps designed for consumers? If you are an Android user, have a look at the 5 best motivational apps compatible with the software.

  • Want to achieve your goals? But do not know how? Download ‘Fabulous-MotivateMe’ app that helps you take a gradual approach towards attaining your goals. It follows the most scientific method towards getting you motivated for activities, such as, losing weight, feeling more energized and sleeping better.
  • You can add credibility to your performance by being more productive. ‘Productivity Challenge Timer’ helps in tracking your work habits and eventually ranking your performance. Use the app to create projects, determine work session duration, etc. The app will reveal the statistics behind your productivity.
  • ‘Forest: Stay focused’ is unlike most other motivational apps. With this app, you can stay absolutely focused while growing a virtual tree. You will first plant a seed, which you will have to water to allow it to grow into a plant. Taking care of the plant over a certain period of time will help it grow into a large tree. But during the entire time, you will have to stay patient and motivated for watering the plant. Otherwise, the plant will die.
  • There’s another app, called “Get it Done”. The app follows a different style of letting you accomplish your goals. Under the app, you will first set a goal, a deadline and then sub-goals. There are rewards for achieving your goal.
  • Maintain your good habits, and discard bad habits with the ‘HabitBull-Habit Tracker’ app. It is a customizable and comprehensive app that lets you attain your goal and also change your habits. Meanwhile, the app includes forum discussions and motivational images. There is a calendar for you to follow, so that you can organize your work schedules, according to PhoneArena.
  • AndroidAuthority notes that ‘The Bucket List’ can be a great inspirational app developed by Metosphere. This free Android app helps you prepare your to-do list so that you can reach your goal.
  • ‘Mindjet’ is an intriguing app that helps you in planning ideas and mapping your thoughts. With this app, you can style your topic and text and even your relationships.

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