68th Emmy Awards: A Very Murray Christmas Outstanding Television Movie – Facts You Need To Know

68th Emmy Awards: A Very Murray Christmas Outstanding Television Movie – Facts You Need To Know
Shadow Emmy Eric Norris / Flickr CC
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With less than a week before the 68th Emmy Awards we take a closer look at one of the nominees for outstanding television movie. This time it’s Netflix’s Christmas musical comedy film, “A Very Murray Christmas”.


As the title says, it stars and was co-written by actor Bill Murray. The film features Murray, as well as Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, and a few others appearing as themselves.

In a short description given by Deadline for the nominees for outstanding television movie, it was described as a satirical Christmas special. The film really stretched the definition of what a “television movie” has been traditionally thought to be.

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Indiewire listed five reasons why the film could very well take the 68th Emmy Award. Firstly, voters tend to skew towards good old American-made films as opposed to the British entry, “Luther” & “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.”

Three Way Battle For The 68th Emmy For Outstanding Television Movie?

This leaves only three nominees to take home the gold which brings us to the next reason. Though well acted, “Confirmation” is just not at par with “All the Way” or “A Very Murray Christmas.”

Thirdly, it seems that businesses in the country unanimously decided to support the film. They did it by delaying their holiday ads after the Emmys. This was to prevent voters from being turned-off by thinking about Christmas in August.

Fourthly, Bryan Cranston, yes, the same Bryan Cranston who plays LBJ in “All the Way”, is so overwhelmed by Murray’s film. So much so that he even actively campaigns against his own film.

And lastly, Bill Murray crashes every FYC event “for fun” and takes pictures with all the voters. While it may be intended to skew the odds to his film’s favor, his crashes are considered to be a regular activity to be considered brownnosing.

There is less than a week before the 68th Emmy Awards kicks in. Will Christmas come early for Bill Murray or will it be a silent night when “All the Way” takes the gold?

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