68th Emmy Awards: ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Outstanding Variety Talk Series – Facts You Need To Know

68th Emmy Awards: ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Outstanding Variety Talk Series – Facts You Need To Know
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The 68th Emmy Awards is heating up, as nominees for the Outstanding Variety Talk Series such as “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” continues to lead the pack.


It is worth noting that this is the second year that variety sketch contenders have been moved away from the talk show candidates.

Moreover, it is also the first time in this century that the kings of talk – David Letterman, Jon Stewart, or Stephen Colbert – won’t be winning any awards at the 68th Emmy Awards simply because all their songs have been taken off the air.

Prospects for “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” look bright, as it is the second time that the show will be making its bid for the Outstanding Variety Talks Series category, according to Gold Derby.

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The hot-topic program has also been nominated for best directing, writing, editing, sound mixing, and technical direction.

The show’s description on HBO reads: “John Oliver talks about the Egyptian president and economic crisis, the Guantanamo Bay shutdown and Donald Trump, starting a campaign to ‘Make Donald Drumpf Again.’”

Other Titles Competing for the Outstanding Variety Talk Series Category

“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” is competing head-to-head with “Jimmy Kimmel Live” which has received its fifth straight nomination in the Outstanding Variety Talk Series category.

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“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” hosted by Jerry Seinfeld is also posing stiff competition in the 68th Emmy Awards with its episode “Just Tell Him You’re the President.”

“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” is among a handful of American variety shows that aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade.

In one of its July episodes, the program highlighted a disturbing trend that ran through the Republican National Convention, according to TV Guide.

“It was a four day exercise emphasizing feelings over facts,” Oliver said in his spiel.

The host pointed out the RNC was participated in by people who talked about things purely based on how they felt about a certain topic, which included allegations that President Barack Obama was a Muslim.

The 68th Emmy Awards nominee said that what he found most troubling was that these speakers insisted their feelings were equally valid as facts.

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  • David Creps

    So, last night I had a nightmare about the time, many many many years ago, when Donald J. Trump’s ancestral uncle (Freddie) . . . and Kim Jong Un’s ancestral uncle (MacGregor) . . . were called to a meeting by the brilliant philosopher who wouldn’t accept the obvious.

    Also making an appearance were the crazy artist without a voice . . . and the writer looking for an audience.

    So please SHARE before history repeats itself.