68th Emmy Awards: Aziz Ansari Lead Actor In A Comedy Series For Master Of None – Facts You Need To Know

68th Emmy Awards: Aziz Ansari Lead Actor In A Comedy Series For Master Of None – Facts You Need To Know
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Comedian Aziz Ansari made history by becoming the first Indian-American to receive an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Actor for his series ‘Master of None,’ at the 68th Emmy Awards.


“I’m very happy but it’s a very specific accomplishment,” Ansari, who was also nominated for writing and directing ‘Master of None’ at the 68th Emmy Awards, was quoted as saying by USA Today. The series has been co-written by Alan Yang, with Ansari starring as Dev, who is an actor trying to make his name in New York. The Netflix comedy underlined the diversity challenges in Hollywood in its fourth episode titled ‘Indians on TV.’ The episode also dealt with casual racism.

“I think every minority actor runs into that,” said Aziz Ansari. “You hear people say things like, ‘Oh, they already got the black guy.’ Or, ‘Oh, they already got their Asian lady.’ It kind of feels like, to minority actors that I’ve spoken with, once they have one (minority actor cast) they’re like, OK, we’ve placated the ‘diversity issue.’ That was coming from a real place.”

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Born on 23rd February, 1983, Ansari began his stint with stand-up comedy during his college days. According to Biography.com, the actor landed his first comedy series, Giant Human, on MTV in 2007. In 2009, he bagged a supporting role in the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation.

Aziz Ansari was born in Columbia, South Carolina, to immigrant parents who were originally from Tamil Nadu in India. Although his parents are Tamil Muslims, Ansari claims to be an atheist, the Earthenecklace.com reported.

He is dating professional chef Courtney McBroom, who influenced him to become a feminist, although he stated that he has always been one.

“There wasn’t a period where I was really against women and then started dating one and was like, ‘You know what? Men and women are equal.’ That definitely didn’t happen,” he said. He has even penned down his stance on women and his take on relationships in a book titled ‘Modern Romance: An Investigation.’ The book was written alongside sociologist Eric Klinenberg.

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