5 Ways To Make An Ex Come Back To You This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways To Make An Ex Come Back To You This Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and others may not be looking forward to the season of hearts. While a lot of couples are in for the romantic treat, some are begging for an opportunity to make their exes as their Valentine. For those looking forward to make this holiday their chance to rekindle the flame with an ex, these tips may be the best advice this February 14.


Couples break up for tons of reasons, others for petty ones, while some break up because of irreconcilable differences. Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this may be the perfect season to finally heal wounds and make their exes the date for the holiday of hearts, reports Dufnet.

Initiate Contact

Usually, when couples break up, absolute silence is the best strategy to follow if one truly wants to move on. However, for those who are desperate to get a second chance, the season of hearts may be the perfect date to engage your significant other.

This could be done by simple texting a simple, “Hello” or, to be safe, ask your ex, “Do you have a date this 14th?”

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Be Brave

On that note, if your ex is free for the holiday of love, put that brave face on and ask him or her to be your date this Valentines Day. If the ex is a member of your friends’ list in social media, sharing posts that hint you don’t have a date on the 14th could be your best chance of getting him or her to acknowledge that you are ready, available, and willing.

If All Else Fails, Plan B!

Not all exes would succumb to requests of rekindling. If the contact and date methods don’t work, use the best strategy to win an ex back – the element of surprise. If you know where he or she works, show up uninvited but not empty-handed.

For men, you could bring with you tickets to his favorite sports game or give him something you failed to give. Give the girl flowers and chocolates, serenade her with a team of singers, or if that’s not expressive enough, bring her something you initially knew she wanted to go. Hints may be apparent on her social media accounts.

Friends Are For Keeps

If the ex still doesn’t feel comfortable going on a romantic date with you, the best strategy would be to suggest that you plan on going out with them as friends. Although this would not suggest a rekindle of the flame, if he or she approves going out with you, it would serve as your opportunity to improvise on the romance.

Where To Have That Valentine’s Date

If he or she would be up for a Valentine’s date, a recent revelation from the Hooters Twitter page reveal that they would be giving out 10 free boneless wings if you bring a photo of you and your ex, reports Snopes.

Although the theme is to sabotage exes, the fact that you’re brave enough to suggest a reunion at an event that opposes the idea shows that you are confident, ready, and dedicated to winning him or her back this Valentine’s Day!