Here Are The 5 Oscars 2016 Foreign Film Nominees

Here Are The 5 Oscars 2016 Foreign Film Nominees
Disney | ABC Television Group / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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Getting through the nominees of the Foreign Film category in the Oscars is a tough job for sure. This year, Oscars 2016 nominees for best foreign film includes movies that are character and event-driven.


Foreign Films in the Oscars have reputations of being art films with a lack of stories and pacing. However, that is not the case, contrary to common belief. Check out the five movies nominated in the Oscars 2016 foreign-language film category.

Son Of Saul: This movie is made by Hungarian director László Nemes, and most of it is shot in closeup. Holocaust is an important event during World War II, and such films get special attention in the Oscars. Saul is one of the Sonderkommandos, Jewish prisoners who by their own means helped the Nazis push fellow prisoners to gas chambers. After that, they removed dead bodies, reports Vox. The movie is shot in closeup while the horror plays in the background.

Embrace of the Serpent: Directed by Colombia’s Ciro Guerra, it is more of a journey with beautiful and hypnotic images. The good part is once you watch the movie and sit back, you will find it rational. An Amazonian named Karamakate is the central character of the movie sent on two journeys on the Amazon decades apart. However, it is presented in a way that they will seem to be one.

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Mustang: It is a movie of young women brought up by their grandmother. Once, while playing in the sea, they sexually excite some young boys. This results to facing penalties in the name of religious oppression. They are locked away and had to follow some unwritten culture of the village. The movie is directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven.

A War: Directed by Tobias Lindholm. This is a movie of a normal family man who becomes a war criminal. The movie has a surprising amount of moral complexity as the war tries to convict him.

Theeb: A story of a young boy who travels to the desert with his older brother. The movie is placed during World War I, and one event makes the journey an intriguing one.

The foreign films at Oscars 2016 have their own reasons for winning. They have all made their mark in their respective regions, and they deserve to be watched.