5 Features Expected From Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Device May Launch In October

5 Features Expected From Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Device May Launch In October
Samsung Galaxy Note 5, IFA 2015 via Compfight cc

If Samsung follows the Galaxy Note release cycle, the next-generation Galaxy Note 6 is likely to release in August or September this year. A lot is expected from the upcoming device since the former Galaxy Note 5 was a huge disappointment for consumers.


At present, Samsung is not doing well in the high-end market, losing market shares to Apple. Things aren’t bright in the low-price market as well, as the South Korean tech firm continues to fall behind the Chinese Android vendors. ValueWalk reports that the company introduces five major features in the Galaxy Note 6 to make the device powerful and make it suitable for the consumer market. Have a look at those five special features:

  • According to Tech Times, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, which is expected to launch third quarter this year, will be powered by a 16K processor. Also, the phone will have 8GB of RAM that will help boost your gaming experience. The use of 14nm FinFet technology in the device will add to its performance.
  • A report states that the Galaxy Note 6 will come with a 4K display with immersive display technology. The report also notes that the device will sport a 6-inch screen.
  • Apple first popularized the concept of pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display technology. It is rumored that Samsung will introduce similar technology in its upcoming Galaxy Note 6. There were reports about the South Korean company partnering with Synaptics in last October to include ClearForce pressure-sensitive display technology in its future phablets and smartphones. Hence, you can expect significant changes in the Note 6’s display this time.
  • While rumors were going on that the Galaxy Note 6 would come with a 16MP front camera, ValueWalk contradicts those, saying that Samsung will reduce the megapixel count from 16MP to 12MP. The major focus lies on improving the camera sensor instead of pixel count.
  • Samsung scrapped the idea of a microSD card slot in phablets launched last year. However, the company is expected to incorporate the idea of extra storage space in the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 this time.


  • Jerry S.

    What about removable batteries? That was a huge for most people in choosing between Samsung and Apple (myself included). While I’m glad to hear SDcard support is coming back, another thing I’d love to see return is the IR blaster. I still use it everyday and won’t get another phone without it.

  • Fern Lin-Healy

    Bring back the removable battery!