4th Impact From ‘X Factor’ Now On Wikipedia

4th Impact From ‘X Factor’ Now On Wikipedia
Future Music Festival 2013 Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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What's This?

4th Impact from X Factor has a new achievement to their credit. The singing group already took the hearts of many people by registering their presence. This time, they are now registered on Wikipedia.


Wikipedia is a website that registers famous people. It is an honor for the girls to get to that level. The online encyclopedia has listed plenty of details about the girls.

4th Impact from X Factor was previously known as “The Cercados,” “Gollayan Sisters,” “MICA” and “4th Power.” The group was formed in 2001 when the sisters started singing and dancing together. The elder sister, Almira Cercado, received scholarship for her singing.

Before 4th Impact was formed, Almira released singles on her own. They started out solo, but they became a hit when they began singing together. She had also participated in reality shows.

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Though people are already talking about a possible record deal, they already have one in their credit. The group was signed by Viva Records in 2008. They also released six-track EP self-titled The Cercado Sisters.

4th Impact had different names before and they won several competitions under a different name. They may have been eliminated from the show, but they have a huge following that they will remain celebrities.

4th Impact from X Factor has several achievements to their credit. They are trending on Twitter every now and then. The girls have selected this as a platform to increase their popularity. We hope they get more success after the Wiki listing.


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