4th Impact From ‘X Factor’ To Have A Concert In The Philippines

4th Impact From ‘X Factor’ To Have A Concert In The Philippines
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4th Impact recently had a press conference in London where they talked about their concert in the Philippines. Celina, Almira, Mylene and Irene held the press conference and it was an indication of how popular they are.


4th Impact’s X Factor journey is over, but their journey to stardom has just started. The group has revealed to Unreality TV that they are receiving a lot of offers since they ended their journey on the show.

The girls want to go back home, but it is not possible to do so due to their busy schedule. “We wanted to go home after The X Factor tour, but we are so blessed that after just now, we have a lot of invitations here in the UK, so we’ll probably prioritize being here in the United Kingdom because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

4th Impact has revealed that they will have a concert in the Philippines. “But we do have a concert in the Philippines after the tour so we’re looking forward to that, then come back here.”

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The girls also said that their new-found fame has been very “overwhelming.”

The girls are happy that they have received so much support after joining the show. The girls said they love their fans for the support. The fame they receive is due to the fans who have been with them. The fans also signed a petition to let them get a record deal.

The record deal for 4th Impact has not happened yet. However, the group is doing their bit to climb up the ladder of fame. Stay tuned as Morning News USA brings more news.