4th Impact Update: Useful Makeup Items Showcased

4th Impact Update: Useful Makeup Items Showcased
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Fans have always been interested in getting a 4th Impact update. There is more than one this time. The girls have finally shared some of their beauty secrets to fans.


The 4th Impact girls are famous for their sharp cheekbones and eyelashes. They now want fans to know their beauty essentials. They recently received beauty packs from their cousin in Los Angeles. The girls shared pictures of lengthy falsies, Kylie Jenner-inspired matte lipsticks and long-wear gel eye liners they received in the pack.

They captioned the picture, “Loving this gift from our cousin Cianna and aunt Mylah all the way from L.A! We miss you all there! Sending our hugs and kisses.”

Another 4th Impact update suggests that the girls are going crazy over Adele. The girls recently revealed one of the biggest pluses of participating in X Factor. They wanted to see Adele performing live.

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In the finale of X Factor UK, Adele performed live. It was a treat to watch not only for the viewers but also for the participants present there. The girls from the popular band fangirled over Adele on their Twitter account. The girls wrote, “Such an honor to watch her @Adele live! Fan mode here Xx.”

The 4th Impact updates are getting so popular, with fans of the girls hosting Twitter parties to make them get their share of fame. Yesterday, they were trending for seven hours, and it was an honor.

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