4th Impact Update: Sisters Are Going To Rock Gigs In UK

4th Impact Update: Sisters Are Going To Rock Gigs In UK
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Despite being a hot favorite in “The X Factor UK,” 4th Impact had to leave the stage before reaching the finals. The event came as a shock to many, but in reality, even after losing the contest, the group did not lose their fanbase. According to a 4th impact update, things are going to be better for the four sisters from now on.


The all-girl group has continued to make the news headlines even after they were out from the show due to their following. In a recent interview given to the InterAksyon, Celina and Almira disclosed that till now nothing has been confirmed, but they are receiving great response from fans all over the world.

According to the 4th impact update, the sisters have revealed that the people of UK are going to see a number of performances from the group soon. They marked their journey on the “X Factor” as “priceless” and “unforgettable.”

Celina, who fainted twice onstage, is now stable and admitted that it was the pressure of the show, but now, she is absolutely fine.

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After the group had to move out of the show everyone had the question: what went wrong? According to the voting figures of X Factor, the group got the most votes in the first week and had only a 5% gap from “X Factor UK 2015” winner Louisa Johnson.

However, in the second week, they slipped to 5th place and got stuck there till elimination. This clearly indicates that their fan base did not increase as expected.  Song choice can be blamed as one of the primary reasons for this.

The latest 4th impact update makes it clear that the group is going to stay in London for now and an album might be on the cards.

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