4th Impact Update: Record Deal Petition Signed 5000 Times

4th Impact Update: Record Deal Petition Signed 5000 Times
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4th Impact Update: 4th Impact has lost in “X-Factor” UK. That’s old news for the fan. The real deal is that 4th Impact will be starting off its career after the pack-up on “X Factor” UK.


Not only the band will be giving its first live performance, but fans have also made a petition to offer a record deal to the group. The petition is made against Sony Music and Simon Cowell.

On 29th November, 4th Impact was voted off in the fifth live decider. The group received the lowest vote in the show and was sent home packing. Just two days later, on Dec 1 The Cloth Show announced that the group will be performing during Britain Fashion Festival, The Cloth Show.

The four sister group, 4th Impact will be performing at National Exhibition Center (NEC) in Birmingham on 7th December.

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While live voting could not save the group from elimination, there is no lacking in the fan following. The fans have asked Simon Cowell to sign record deal with 4th Impact. Fans also follow 4th Impact updates on news websites. The petition has already received more than 5000 supports.

The petition for 4th Impact record deal was raised by Kenneth Koshy on change.or. All that the fan wanted was to give required recognition to the girl group. It not only requested Simon Cowell and Sony Music, but also One Direction star Louise Tomlison. It also asked Ellen Degeneres to feature the group on her show.

The 4th Impact already has a great impact on the fans and the flowers. Though their journey has ended on “X Factor UK” they still rule the heart of fans.

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  • Tru

    I’m sorry I have to say this.. You state in your profile that you are: “..a passionate writer who makes sure all her reports are well researched”.. But without even having to do professional research, just by solely checking 4th impact’s twitter account, you will know that The Clothes Show was not their first live performance after X-Factor.. There were two others before The Clothes Show.. It’s probably better that you remove that description about you because it only adds insult to injury….. And it is a given that every writer must ensure that their reports are well-researched. The articles you write should speak for themselves, don’t you think?..