4th Impact Update: Know Where The Girls Are Heading

4th Impact Update: Know Where The Girls Are Heading

On November 29, 4th Impact had to say adieu to the stage of “The X Factor” UK 2015. This came as a shock for fans of the group who were eager to see the sisters in the grand finale. The fans have actually abandoned the show after the all-girls’ team went off.


4th Impact, the band of singers and sisters Almira, Irene, Celina and Mylene, had rocked the X-Factor stage. Since the beginning of the challenge they gathered a supportive and steady fan base due to their out-of-the-box performance. Fans were frustrated with 4th Impact leaving the show. As reported by the Morning Ledger, comments poured out on Twitter marking the incident as scripted, which has made the show a joke.

The group reached the Top 5 list of the show. During the elimination, they were beaten by Lauren Murray.

However, according to the 4th Impact update, though they may be out of the show now, that does not take their singing career to a halt. The girls have been already performing in a number of events. Their first show with G-A-Y turned out to be a great hit. The gig at the Clothes Show also grabbed lots of attention.

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Even though fans will not see the group on stage of “The X factor UK,” they are not going to miss them at all. As reported by Hello! Magazine, the group will be staying in the UK to explore further career options. A gala performance at the Forum Hertfordshire on December 20 is the latest 4th Impact update as revealed.