4th Impact Update: Group Surpasses One Direction In Social Presence

4th Impact Update: Group Surpasses One Direction In Social Presence
From 4th Impact Twitter
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4th Impact has crossed another milestone. According to the latest 4th Impact update, the social media presence of the group is more than that of One Direction. It is to be noted that One Direction is a popular boy band which also came from X Factor.


An analyst recently presented a finding pointing to 4th Impact crossing One Direction on social media. The analyst mentioned that celebrities and brands promote themselves through traditional methods as well as social media. The reach of social media is enormous as far as promotion is concerned. For 4th Impact, this is happening naturally.

The commenter said in an interview with UnrealityTV, “It’s flowed smoothly on from the interest there was in the band during their time on X Factor, and it’s grown exponentially ever since. In terms of social media, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that right now, 4th Impact have a greater online presence than One Direction did at this stage in their careers.”

The girls have trended on Twitter several times, thanks to fans. In one of the rarest cases, the group was trending for more than 24 hours.

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The girls seem to have fans from every part of the world. United Kingdom, Romania, and Ireland are some countries to mention. The Philippines-born girls, Almira, Celina, Mylene, and Irene have moved up the ladder of success since they joined X Factor UK.

The recent 4th Impact update suggests that the girls have their own Wiki page. They may be signing a record deal soon, and with such a fan following, the team will not be disappointed.


  • Lams

    With not even a Recod Deal yet made and the fever – white hot demand for these Ladies’ performances so evident in all forms.of media, 4th Impact have sealed themselves as THE group to watch out for.this year. As what one judge has onced termed them during their X Factor U.K. 2015 stint, “PHENOMENAL,” fan ” Dreamers” are, yes, growing exponentually from the U.K. to the Philippines, to the Uniter States to Brazil. World, brace yourselves … its 4th Impact!!!

  • Einid Constantino

    We are all waiting for their record deal… It’s a dream come true for the dreamers worldwide. W will all be happy for the cause we truly love them.. Wishing nothing but the best for 4th impact

  • Mark Vende

    They really are phenomenal in the truest sense of the word. And I will not at all be surprise if they will really conquer the world stage. The timing is just right. Once they come out with their own album and a world tour to promote it, there is nothing that can stop their rise.