4th Impact Update: Group Performs For Sick Children

4th Impact Update: Group Performs For Sick Children
Music FunGi_ (Trading)/ Flickr CC BY 2.0

The 4th Impact sisters are not about fame and money. According to the latest 4th Impact update, the group sang for sick children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital on December 22. The London hospital was graced with the presence of the famous group who thought of helping children smile on that special day.


Once the visit was over, the group left a message for their followers on Instagram. The message reads, “So happy to see their smiles. ?You can watch us on @itvcentral News 6pm tonight! #4thImpactSpreadTheLove @bham_childrens.”

4th Impact also shared a video of their performance. They captioned it with, “We are blessed to share our talent & make them happy. Thank you @bham_childrens Hospital #4thImpactSpreadTheLove.” You can see the group performing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in the video.

There is more 4th Impact update, and this one is about an achievement. The group performed at Coconut Club. If you think it is just another club, here is the catch. It is the same club where One Direction performed 2 years ago. It is a case of history repeating itself.

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The Coconut Club posted on their Facebook account, “Last time we had an X-Factor group here was OneDirection…. that was so long ago!! Are you all ready for 4th Impact!?!?” 4th Impact fans were overwhelmed by each of their performances and want to see them on the top. Any 4th Impact update is worth sharing on social media. The group is now being considered as the female version of One Direction. Time has to justify the claim.